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Delicious Affair (2012)

Delicious Affair (2012) - Movies 60 minutes. . Late night, Gwang-sik is driving a taxi today. Young-suk is a woman who sells herself in the back seat of a taxi and is sleeping with his legs spread between his miniskirts. In the morning before work, Gwang-sik walks down a taxi in a quiet street while smoking while making a phone call. A few days later, Gwang-sik, who is driving a taxi late at night ... Young-suk shaking his hand ... The young suk is burning and the taxi is heading somewhere. Taxi standing near the house. Gwang-sik awakens sleeping. Youngsuk suddenly approaches Gwang-sik and kisses him. Gwang-sik and Young-suk love passionately in a taxi. Youngsuk, who is not loved by her husband, feels lonely and begins to rely on Gwang-sik. One day, Young Sook announces that Gwang-sik's child is growing in her body. Youngsuk thinks that she played with herself instead of love. Young-suk, anxious, Gwang-sik, who is angry and comes out of his seat. An out of control dangerous relationship ...

Released: Jan 01, 2012

Runtime: 60 minutes




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