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Market (2003)

Market (2003) - Drama Movies 160 minutes. . Muskaan is a prostitute in one of Hyderabad's brothels, owned by Lalabee. But she is a prostitute not by choice, but bad luck. When she was young her parents married her off to an Arab Sheikh. This marriage was just an arrangement for sexual pleasure. After raping her for 7 days regularly, Sheikh divorces Muskaan. Muskaan's father Barkat Ali commits suicide due to the humiliation he receives after filling a case against Sheikh. Sheikh's assistant hires the best possible advocate and makes sure that Sheikh is released easily and flies back to Dubai. Muskaan's uncle also sexually harasses her. Finally one of the dalals takes her to Lalabee and thus she becomes a prostitute. But fortune brings her to Mumbai. Inspector Sawant Sayaji Shinde takes her to Juicy, a sophisticated gay doing body business. He changes Muskaan to Mallika using two of his best selling prostitutes Liza Suman Rangnathan and Esha. She luckily also meets with Bablu Pande Aryan Vaid who falls in love with her.

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