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Only Interstellar Pinball Lives Forever (2010)

Only Interstellar Pinball Lives Forever (2010) - Comedy Movies 69 minutes. . A young boy (played by an actual re-purposed Sunday school puppet) loses all faith in religion and afterlife options after having to bury his umpteenth pet, and vows that someday, when he's an adult with money, he'll find a way to become an 'eternal molecule' through science. Then, twenty-two years later, the playing of a pinball game brings dredges up the memory of that vow. Utilizing the hallucinogenic properties of alcohol and cough syrup blends, he undertakes the design of a pinball machine so poignant and dignified that it will convince scientists to create a pinball that we can download our consciousness into and thereby become digitally immortal.

Released: Jun 28, 2010

Runtime: 69 minutes

Genre: ,



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