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Deca: 2nd to None (2001)

Deca: 2nd to None (2001) - Documentary Movies 51 minutes. . This video is laden with energy very reminiscent of the late 80's. Hell, very few vids these days have much energy to them. They all seem to be about nailing the trick - which is important - but there's also this thing called cinematography. 2nd To None has a fast pace and awesome skating. The intro montage is stunning. Filmed in the warehouse, it features the team sessioning everything from the top of a forklift to jumping gaps from one product rack to another. They pile stuff high and go wild on every surface in the place - including a few ramps. Some street footy is edited in as well. This vid is so well done, it's insane. Each rider has a part, some of which is in the warehouse, but most is out on the streets. They mix in some skits and other random stuff. There's a "Chariots of Fire" routine in which they push - in super slow-mo - doing a variety of tricks while trying to sabotage each other's runs.

Released: Mar 02, 2001

Runtime: 51 minutes




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